Ride through Uganda's paradise
Explore stunning landscapes and hidden trails on our cycling adventures."
Your adventure begins with each pedal
Experience Uganda's diverse beauty with every turn on our cycling tours."
Saddle up for an unforgettable Ugandan ride
Join us on a cycling tour to uncover the country's natural wonders and rich heritage."
Cityscapes to wild escapes
Cycle through Uganda's vibrant cities and serene countryside for an authentic journey.
Wildlife Encounters
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Adventure Travel

Adventurous places like rugged mountains, dusty routes, and lakeside areas

Breathtaking Nature.

The home to the big 5 big cats, and the most endangered primates

Extraordinary Wildlife.

A cycling trip will take you to the country’s hidden wildlife homes.

Welcoming Communities.

Ranked as the most hospitable country in the world.

About us

Cycle Tours Uganda

Cycle Tours Uganda is a leading company specializing in bike adventures across Uganda’s picturesque landscapes. Our journey started with a passionate Ugandan cyclist who saw the incredible potential of exploring the country’s stunning scenery and rich culture on two wheels. What began as a personal hobby has blossomed into an exceptional venture. We take pride in organizing captivating bike trips and cycling holidays that offer travelers a unique way to connect with Uganda. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a novice, our goal is to make these experiences accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We are dedicated to showcasing Uganda’s natural beauty and vibrant culture, creating unforgettable memories for our guests, and sharing the joy of cycling.

Cycle Tours Uganda began because we love cycling and adore Uganda’s beautiful landscapes. Our founder went from being a cycling fan to organizing tours, creating a company that’s all about sharing Uganda’s natural beauty, lively culture, and hidden gems through guided cycling adventures.


Why cycling in Uganda ?

Adventure and Thrill

For adventure enthusiasts, Uganda offers diverse terrains and challenges. Whether it's mountain biking on rugged trails or gravel biking through remote areas, there's an adventure for every cyclist.

Rich Wildlife

Uganda is known for its diverse wildlife, including gorillas, chimpanzees, and a variety of rare and exotic species. Cycling through national parks provides an opportunity to spot these creatures up close.

Eco-Friendly Travel

Cycling is an environmentally friendly mode of travel, contributing to sustainable tourism practices and reducing your carbon footprint while exploring Uganda.

Our values


We are committed to delivering the best cycling experiences to our clients, going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction


We respect our clients’ interests and desires, tailoring routes to match their preferences while treating them with courtesy.


Our clients are our priority, and we remain loyal to their expectations by providing exceptional tours that leave lasting memories.

Professional Services

We believe in setting high service standards, offering world-class experiences that prioritize safety, comfort, and enjoyment.

Cycling Adventures

At Cycle Tours Uganda, we curate extraordinary cycling adventures that provide a unique lens through which to experience Uganda’s natural wonders and rich culture. Our core focus is on organizing exceptional bike trips and cycling holidays, allowing both local and international travellers to connect with Uganda in a truly authentic and active way.

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Price varies by group size

From $60pp 
Price varies by group size

From $685PP
Price varies by group size

Cycle Ventures

Cycle Tours Uganda is more than just a tour company; we are a community of cycling enthusiasts who believe in active exploration, cultural exchange, and sustainable tourism practices. Our knowledgeable team, comprising experienced guides and drivers, ensures that your cycling journey is safe, enjoyable, and insightful.


Mountain Biking

Get ready for an exciting mountain biking adventure in Uganda! Explore rugged trails, conquer tough terrain, and enjoy stunning scenery. Join us for a thrilling ride through Uganda’s beautiful landscapes.


Gravel Biking

Feel the thrill of gravel biking in Uganda. Explore off-road trails, soak in the scenic views, and embrace the country’s natural beauty. Whether you’re on dusty paths or gravel roads, our adventures offer an exciting way to discover Uganda.


Bikepacking Tours

Discover Uganda on our bikepacking tours. Ride through national parks, meet locals, enjoy beautiful nature, and explore diverse landscapes while camping under the stars. It’s an amazing adventure

Our Team

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Why book with us?

Pioneers in Cycling Holidays

We're proud to be among the first to introduce cycling holidays in Uganda and the surrounding regions. From the very beginning, we've been dedicated to perfecting cycling safaris, and that commitment remains unwavering. You can always count on us to deliver exceptional experiences.

Top Notch Customer Service

We take great pride in providing exceptional customer care . Our team creates a welcoming atmosphere and fostering strong interpersonal relationships. We ensure that our clients receive the utmost care and attention throughout their cycling adventures, making them feel truly at home.

Unforgettable Cycling Safaris

As one of the limited operators of cycling tours in Uganda, we are committed to providing an exceptional cycling experience for our clients. We handle all aspects of cycling safaris; from the moment a tourist reserves their spot with us to the conclusion of their adventure. What remains certain ....



Day Cycling Tours

Enjoy a day of cycling through Uganda's beautiful landscapes. Explore villages, pedal along scenic routes, and embrace the adventure.


Weekend Cycling Trips

Come on our weekend cycling trips. It's a short adventure with scenic rides, village visits, and the beauty of Uganda's countryside. Experience the thrill in just a weekend!


Charity Rides

We can organize charity rides for any group, no matter the size or type. Just let us know your preferences, and we'll make it happen!


Family Rides

Enjoy family cycling holidays with us! We have easy routes for all ages, so everyone can have fun together. Explore nice places, make great memories, and bike as a family!


Multiday Cycling Adventures

Come on our multiday cycling tours in Uganda. You'll ride through different places, see villages, and experience Uganda's culture and nature over a few days. It's a memorable adventure.


Custom Tours

Create your dream cycling adventure in Uganda with our custom tours. You decide the route, duration, and what you want to see. It's your unique journey.

Customer Reviews

What Our Customers Say

Join us for an unparalleled adventure that lets you discover the heart and soul of Uganda while pedalling through its captivating landscapes. Whether you’re a solo traveller seeking new horizons or a family looking for an unforgettable bonding experience, Cycle Tours Uganda has the perfect cycling adventure waiting for you.

I had a wonderful time, I can do this again and again. Everything about this trip was so great, the view of sezibwa falls was eye - catching. It was really worth it, my body even feels better since cycling was involved through the whole trip(it made me do some exercises)
Santiago C
Santiago C
A Great Way To Be Introduced to Uganda. A great way to be introduced to Uganda cycling through communities, plantations and scenic views. The water falls are a special cultural site to the people in the central of Uganda. For this bike ride, one has to be somehow fit if you wanna enjoy. a challenge you have to tackle because at the end, a great reward awaits and that the falls.
Fun on your bike 🙂 Had an awesome day on the bike 🙂 Really fun to ride through nature, small villages, and see the falls. Plus a nice boatride! Note: being somewhat fit will help you enjoy the ride more. Otherwise this could be quite a challenge. But if you like riding bikes, this a great day out!
Michael K
Michael K
Ride to Sezibwa falls It was an exciting trip organized by Cycle Tours Uganda. The tour guides were so professional and guided us excellently. The country side was so beautiful. We did see the breathtaking Sezibwa falls..
Mandela S
Mandela S
Sezibwa falls social ride Social end of month ride to sezibwa falls on two wheels was an amazing trip that we exposed us to bonding with nature and knowing new friends a long the way courtesy of cycle tours Uganda
Bas O
Bas O
Great time towards the falls Great tip to Ssezibwa falls, which has an amazing Buganda legend behind it. Roads were nice, glad that we joined the day before the rainy season started though! We rented bikes with Cycling Tours, which were well maintained, sturdy bikes.
Noel Sematimba
Noel Sematimba
35km Ride It was a Fun, exciting, adventurous 35km bike ride around lake Victoria peninsula, A Good workout, I will definitely do it again and again and again…….
Mandela S
Mandela S
Appreciating nature in the pearl of Africa Uganda 13 th August was a nature and fun filled ride where cycle tours Uganda took us on a 30 kilometre ride across the lake single trails interacting with the community which was so welcoming and sharing historical stories of how villages were named and why they were named. Generally a guided tour with a passionate crew is worth a try and time #cycle tours Uganda Embracing the pearl of Africa Uganda through a bicycle as a means of tourism .....
Noah Homsy
Noah Homsy
Great ride! Very fun bike ride, great guide! lovely scenery too. The bikes we used were also excellent quality. Highly recommend.
Bwanika R
Bwanika R
Beautiful day Beautiful day! Very good guiding from Zaga and awesome country side. A few minutes from Kampala but totally different environments. I recommend to anyone wanting to go out and have a great day.